The School of Integrated Science is a leading national institute in innovative integrated science to develop human resources capable of lifelong learning.


  1. To develop lifelong learners whose career innovation can ensure security and quality of life for themselves, their families, communities, and society
  2. To develop an integrated body of knowledge for further innovation as well as to create a competitive standardized portfolio
  3. To collaborate development with the community and be socially responsible
  4. To inherit, preserve, nurture arts and culture to maintain the identity of the university
  5. To effectively manage university resources with a focus on results

School of Integrated Science Strategic Issue

  1. Creation of Knowledge of the Land for sustainable development of the country
  2. Development towards national academic excellence
  3. Improvement of quality and efficiency in mission operations
  4. Implementation of good governance in sustainable management
  5. Empowerment in resources administration and management to take on changes