Module : Entrepreneurship for Vegetables, Fruits and Cereals Beverages


To provide learners with knowledge and understanding of business concept development for beverage products, production of both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages which ensures quality and safety for consumers, beverage packaging design, and the development to become entrepreneurs in the beverage business. Learners will ascertain knowledge through case studies and projects which will enable efficient and effective application to their journey to become beverage business entrepreneurs.

Learning Outcomes

Learners can be beverage producers, select and design beverage product packaging, and plan beverage businesses.

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  • Product Concept Development for Beverage Products
  • Production of Fermented Beverages
  • Production of Beverages from Vegetables, Fruits and Cereals
  • Packaging Design for Beverages
  • Entrepreneurship Development in Beverage Business
  • Professional Experience in Beverage Production