Module : Entrepreneurship for Fertilizer Production


Fertilizer Production Entrepreneurship Module has the objective to provide learners with knowledge and understanding of fertilizer business, from the type of fertilizer to the strengths and limitations of each type of fertilizer, raw materials, production processes, production quality control, efficient usage of fertilizers, as well as the rules, regulations, and laws related to the production of all types of fertilizers. This is so learners can use such body of knowledge to make appropriate decisions regarding fertilizer production business plan.

Learning Outcomes

Learners can engage in fertilizer production business, for example becoming importers, manufacturers, distributors, or quality controllers. They can also develop fertilizer business in the country with efficiency.

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  • Science of Soil, Plant and Fertilizer
  • Production and Use of Chemical and Organic Chemical Fertillizer
  • Production and Use of Organic and Fertilizer Bio-fertilizer
  • Fertilizer Business
  • Professional Experience in Fertilizer Production for Entrepreneur