Module : High-Quality Beef Production


To provide learners with knowledge and understanding of modern beef cattle production in order to obtain high quality beef. Learners will study the principles of farm planning, sheds and buildings in beef cattle farms, as well as equipment, tools, and machinery used in modern beef cattle farms. Learners will understand the supply chain of high-quality beef cattle production from upstream to downstream which enables producers to systematically transport high-quality beef to consumers efficiently and promptly. Learners can apply the knowledge gained to future careers in the business of high-quality beef production.

Learning Outcomes

Learners are able to manage modern beef cattle farms which produce high-quality beef. They understand the supply chain for high-quality beef cattle production from upstream to downstream and can apply their knowledge professionally in an efficient and sustainable manner.

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  • Modern Management of Beef Cattle
  • Housing and Equipment in Modern Beef Farm
  • Supply Chain and High-Quality Beef Markets
  • Professional Experience in High-Quality Beef Production