Module : Ornamental and Economical Aquatic Animal Aquaculture


To provide learners with know-hows on methodological techniques for breeding and nursery of young aquatic animals. Lessons include methodological techniques in aquatic animal farming which cover the selection of breeders, breeding, nursery of young aquatic animals, feeding, health care, and harvesting. Learners will become aware of relevant aquaculture production standards, both in terms of domestic consumption and exports, in order to apply the knowledge gained to their occupation effectively and sustainably.

Learning Outcomes

Learners have knowledge and skills in aquatic animal breeding, nursery, and aquaculture. They can analyze and solve problems found in aquaculture, applying knowledge gained to their careers in an effective and sustainable manner.

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  • Breeding and Nursing of Economical Freshwater Animal
  • Economically Important Freshwater Aquatic Animal Culture
  • Commercial Ornamental Aquatic Animal Culture
  • Professional Experience in Ornamental and Economical Aquatic Animal Aquaculture