Course Description

The teaching and learning process in each subject emphasizes Project-Based Learning in the field and practical experience through work-integrated learning, including the use of various technologies for teaching to advance modern agriculture. Certificate-level programs are another means to develop Thai individuals toward Thai 4.0 by facilitating Re-skill & Up-skill and the creation of New Skills for learners to pursue their professions. This proposes a lifelong learning approach for human development in a Non-Degree format towards continuous lifelong learning.

Note: Initial Entrance Fees 1,000 THB

Food For The Future

Bakery and Coffee Drink Business
Tuition Fee 65,000 Baht

High Wealth and Medical Tourism

International Muay Thai
Tuition Fee 42,000 Baht

Creative Community-based Tourism
Tuition Fee 39,500 Baht

Workforce and Education

Quality of Elderly Life in Home and Nursing Home
Tuition Fee 36,000 Baht


Data Science for Business
Tuition Fee 78,000 Baht

Cloud Computing for Digital Economy
Tuition Fee 84,000 Baht

Computing Science for Cybersecurity in Digital Economy
Tuituon Fee 84,000 Baht